Canal digital channel changes


As of May 31, 2016, a large number of channels have been changed. No idea what should we do now, we explain below how you can reprogram the number of receivers.

Canal Digital M7 Receivers Philips

Turn the receiver off and on again (it should get an automatic update). If not, follow the instructions below

1 Menu (Remote control)

2 Settings

3 Satellite receiver

4 Enter the recipient’s PIN code (default ‘0000’ or ‘1234’) if requested

5 Advanced settings

6 Factory settings

7 Load HD list

Enigma 2 Receivers (Dreambox-Vu+-Formuler)

Set the channel to SBS 9 if there is a picture, follow the following instructions

1 Menu

2 Settings

3 Search for channels

4 Manual search

5 Search network by yes (Lings Right on the remote control)

Completed 353 channels found

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