CanalDigitaal HDTV


CanalDigitaal launches HDTV channels

CanalDigitaal will launch a complete HDTV channel package via the ASTRA satellite in April. CanalDigitaal customers can receive three new HDTV theme channels from next month. These channels will be added to the already available HDTV channels on the ASTRA Satellite System that CanalDigitaal uses.

New in the HDTV offering via satellite are the documentary channels National Geographic HD and Discovery HD. Final discussions are being held with various channels such as BravaHDTV. In addition to these channels, the English-language HDTV channels BBC-HD and LuxeTV and the German-language HDTV channel AnixeHD can also be received via one of the Astra satellites. CanalDigitaal expects to make even more HDTV channels available via satellite this year.

The HDTV channels can be received free of charge for the first month for all CanalDigitaal customers. After that, the HDTV package is available for €9.95 per month. Subscribers to the HDTV package receive all channels from the Theme package for free. The Theme package contains the following channels: /History, Consumer TV, HollandDoc, HumorTV, Nederland4 carousel, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel & Living, National Geographic Wild, Playboy TV and MGM Moviechannel