De Nieuwe Unie Schort Schotelverbod op


The Rotterdam housing association De Nieuwe Unie is suspending the mandatory removal of dishes from homes until further notice. The corporation wanted to remove all illegally installed dishes after January 31, 2007. This decision led to a lot of emotion from both politicians and tenant organizations. That is why the corporation is taking a breather.

Satellite dishes often cause damage to facades, which, according to the corporation, has substantial consequences for maintenance. Dishes also often lead to dangerous situations and disfigure the street scene. These considerations and an explicit request from the then Rotterdam Municipal Executive led to the decision two years ago to stop tolerating dishes.

Afterwards, all dish owners received an offer to have the dish removed with an alternative solution. A number of test cases initiated by tenant groups led to a ruling in favor of the corporation.

The New Union is surprised by the extensive attention from politicians and the media. Given the consternation caused by the discussion, the corporation is taking a breather. That time will be used to work with all those involved to find a solution that does justice to the interests of the New Union, the tenants and the city of Rotterdam.

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