Digital television

Digital satellite television

Via satellite you have access to the largest number of available digital TV channels. You need a dish and a receiver for this (+/- 199 euros). In principle, you do not need to take out a subscription for this.

If you also want to receive Dutch commercial channels in addition to the many foreign channels, you must take out a subscription (with CanalDigitaal).
For a complete package you pay 19.95 per month.

What are the differences between the providers

You can watch digital television in the Netherlands via cable, ether and satellite.

Simply put, satellite television means that the signals broadcast from the studio are transmitted directly to the end user via satellites in space. Thanks to this digital technology and direct connection, the image and sound quality is excellent. When using a cable, the signals first make a stop at a cable or telephone company. This may result in a reduction in quality. The major advantage of Satellite television is that the range of channels is increased without affecting user-friendliness and image quality.

Since 2003, digital television has been available over the air under the name Digitenne. This is offered by KPN, among others. With Digitenne you can watch the 23 most popular channels, including all public and commercial broadcasters. An advantage of Digitenne is that you don’t need any cables. You connect the receiver to your TV with a Scart cable and install the supplied (small) antenna.

Disadvantage: the image quality is generally lower than satellite TV. It often happens that “blocks” appear on the screen. In addition, reception is sensitive to outside interference, such as mobile phones, reinforced concrete walls or even a moped passing by.

A subscription to Digitenne costs €9.95 per month, excluding one-off entrance fees of €19.95.

Almost all cable companies use the same technology to transmit the digital signal.

Ziggo is an exception to the rule. They use a separate signal, which you can only view with a receiver/decoder supplied by Ziggo. In addition to an analogue subscription, you must then take out a digital subscription to be able to receive digital channels. You pay €18.70 per month for this.