DM8000HD Coming Soon!!!


Now we can finally bring you good news: The DM8000HD PVR DVD actually leaves the competition far behind. With 400MHz CPU with hardware MKV, Divx / WiFi support, compact flash and SD slot, 3 x USB 2.0, and optical/coaxial digital audio output, manufacturer Dream Multimedia can rightly call it an absolutely unique TOP product based on proven Broadcom technology.

The DM8000HD PVR DVD had to be far ahead of the competition in terms of both ease of use and hardware performance.

The DM8000HD PVR DVD is a succession of ohhhhh and ahhhh from the moment you take the device out of the very luxurious packaging until the moment you switch it off again. For us too, the DM8000HD was the first device after the extremely successful DM7000, more than 6 years ago, that absolutely amazed us. To perhaps clear up the last confusion: The DVI connection is provided with a standard HDMI signal (including digital audio). A DVI – HDMI connection cable is included. The dimensions of the device are: 43x28x8.5cm, or standard HiFi size. The DM8000HD PVR DVD will actually be available from mid-November. In the attachment you will find the product flyer of the DM8000HD PVR DVD