HDTV Eindelijk NL1


Finally there is a shot in HDTV July 3, 2009 Ned 1 on the air.
CanalDigitaal has announced that it has immediately added Nederland 1 in HD quality to its channel offering. The company is still negotiating about the transfer of Netherlands 2 and 3. Caiway already transmits the three HD channels.
CanalDigitaal states that the public broadcaster’s channel is available at no additional cost to anyone with a smart card. The tour stages have been available to watch in 1080i quality via Nederland 1 since Saturday, while the other content is being upscaled for the time being. The satellite provider also states that it will make a decision at a later stage on whether or not to transmit Netherlands 2 and 3. CanalDigitaal is still in negotiations with the Dutch Public Broadcaster about this.

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