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Klaar voor de toekomst, de nieuwste MPEG 4 en de bestaande MPEG 2 technologie in 1 ontvanger

Pace DS810 Digitale HD Receiver

Technische specificaties: Ingebouwd CI slot voor CI module TV SCART (IEC60807-9) – Primary connection for SD television with RGB, composite video and L/R audio. Audio volume level can be adjusted under software control. VCR SCART (IEC60807-9) – Composite video and L/R audio output connector for a VCR. Loop-through facility to the TV SCART connector when in standby. Optical SPDIF (TOSLINK) – Optical cable connection to a suitably equipped surround sound audio system or Hi-Fi amplifier. Analogue Audio (RCA Phono/Cinch) – For users wishing to integrate the set-top box into their home audio system. Component Video (RCA Phono/Cinch) – Analogue video output of high definition video signal in YPbPr format HDMI – Secure High Definition digital output to display with HDCP protection. USB 2.0 (Type A) – For connection to variety of electronic devices. RF Inputs (IEC169-24, F-type, female) – IF input to connect to Satellite Dish LNB with loop through.