Spanish Television channels move to Hotbird


If the Spanish TV channel no longer works on your current Satellite TV receiver, read below why

RTVE remains committed to broadcasting for Europe and on open TVE International and the 24 Hour Channel – in addition to the RNE broadcasts – and in the best conditions for its users, RTVE will begin broadcasting via the Hot Bird satellite 13B in December, with a large deployment across Europe, reaching the entire continent and even neighboring countries, using small parabola users.

In particular, it will be necessary to slightly change the orientation of your satellite dish to adjust it to the new Hotbird satellite. If you use Canaldigitaal, you can do the following Use LNBFor online shopping, please visit our webshop

There must also be a DVB-S2 satellite receiver, a feature that receivers sold for years already include this system and have high definition. Finally, the receiver must be retuned and configured with the new parameters.

In most devices this process is very simple and is performed automatically once the corresponding menu of the receiver is chosen.

All technical parameters of the satellite broadcasts of this RTVE platform, both current and new, are available on the link:

To ease the transition, RTVE has planned a two-and-a-half-month period of simulcast on the two satellites, from December 15 to February 29. During that time, users can make the change at any time, as both emissions (in Astra and Hot Bird) will coexist during this period.

However, from March 1, 2020, only the new broadcast will remain on air, so if the indicated changes have not been made previously, the RTVE signal cannot be received. A sign on the screen about the problems that will disappear periodically reminds you of the need to make these changes.

We remind you that in addition to TVE channels, you can also receive six national radio stations from Spain: RNE, Radio 3, Ràdio 4, Radio 5, Classical Radio and Radio Exterieur of Spain.