The Family 7 channel can be received at Joyne


With the arrival of Joyne as a new satellite TV provider, a new era is also dawning for the Christian-inspired channel Family 7. The channel is available via satellite for the first time.

Joyne is currently conducting test broadcasts via the Eutelsat satellite at 9 degrees east and wants to roll out the program offering and connect customers from August 1. The provisional channel package was only recently announced. This is primarily a Dutch-oriented package with a wide range of public and commercial broadcasters from music to entertainment. Joyne’s website is currently very limited, but will also be completely renovated in August.

Family 7 is not available at Canal Digitaal until now

Family 7 was never able to achieve a retransmission deal with Canal Digitaal in the past. This has been the case with Joyne from the start and the transmitter is included in a basic package. The arrival of Family 7 is good news for viewers who until now have not been able to receive programs on the theme of faith from this Dutch channel. It is true that the channel was announced by Joyne with broadcast times from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Anyone who wants to watch the programs outside the morning hours must purchase a decoder with a hard disk and record it for later viewing.