Unlock Seamless Connectivity: Introducing Starlink’s Gen 3 Dish at SatCenter


Experience Seamless Connectivity with Starlink’s Gen 3 Dish – Now Available at Our SatCenter

Looking to revolutionize your onboard connectivity? Look no further! SatCenter is proud to announce that Starlink’s Gen 3 Dish is now available without invitation, providing unparalleled access to high-speed internet wherever your maritime adventures take you.

Breaking the Barrier: Starlink’s Gen 3 Dish Now Accessible to All

In an exciting development, SpaceX has opened up sales of the new Gen 3 Dish to all dealers and parties in the Netherlands, eliminating the need for invitations. This groundbreaking move by SpaceX expands access to cutting-edge satellite technology, empowering more maritime enthusiasts to stay connected at sea.

Enhanced Performance, Streamlined Design

The functionality of the Starlink Gen 3 Dish is as straightforward as it gets – simply position it upright with the stand facing the sky, and it will start receiving a signal. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. The Gen 3 Dish boasts enhanced durability, with an IP67 water and dust resistance rating compared to the IP54 rating of its predecessor. However, it does require more power, drawing between 75 and 100W compared to the previous model’s maximum draw of 75W.

The Return of RJ45 Cables: A Game-Changer

One of the most noteworthy improvements with the Gen 3 Dish is the reintroduction of standard RJ45 cables between the dish and the router. Say goodbye to proprietary cables and connectors that caused headaches for users and Starlink support alike. With the return to more reliable and standards-compliant connections, the Gen 3 Dish promises a smoother experience for all users.

Upgraded Router for Enhanced Performance

Accompanying the Gen 3 Starlink Dish is an upgraded router that has received rave reviews for its improved features. Supporting the Wi-Fi 6 standard, the Gen 3 router represents a significant leap forward from Wi-Fi 5. Additionally, the router now features two hardwired RJ45 LAN ports, eliminating the need for cumbersome dongles to enable hard-wired connections. With a slimmer and lighter design, the router offers enhanced convenience without compromising on performance.

Sleeker Design, Enhanced Portability

While the Gen 3 Starlink Dish is larger in size compared to its predecessor, its sleeker design makes it significantly thinner and easier to transport and deploy. Equipped with a kickstand for quick and easy setup on flat surfaces, the Gen 3 Dish is a game-changer for mobile users who value portability and convenience.

Experience the future of maritime connectivity with Starlink’s Gen 3 Dish, now available at SatCenter. Contact us today to learn more and take your onboard connectivity to new heights.

Starlink is a network of thousands of satellites that orbit the Earth and provide broadband internet. It is designed to reach areas without coverage of traditional internet services, including remote areas and even boats. With the promise of fast internet speeds and a reliable connection, Starlink can be a game changer for boats looking for a stable internet connection.

Starlink’s satellite technology allows boats to access internet services such as streaming, email and online communications without worrying about interruptions or signal weakness. This can be especially useful for boats sailing far from shore, where mobile networks often have no signal and other satellite internet services are often expensive and unreliable.

Although Starlink is still in the testing phase, the first results are promising. Users report fast internet speeds and a stable connection, even in remote locations. However, the costs for the hardware and services are still relatively high and the network is not yet available worldwide.

In short, if Starlink delivers on its promises, it could be a real game changer for boats looking for a reliable and fast internet connection. It would make it possible to always stay connected and enjoy all the benefits that the Internet has to offer, even when you are at sea.

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