Verbod op Schotelantennes

All existing dishes that have been installed without permission must be removed before January 31, 2007. If this does not happen, the New Union will take legal action, which will entail additional costs. The New Union introduced a ban on satellite dishes on July 1, 2004. This prohibition applies to all tenants, with the exception of those who have received written permission to install a dish in the past. The satellite dish ban has been introduced because satellite dishes often cause damage or leakage to homes. In addition, the dishes disfigure facades and the streetscape, which does not improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. To receive the desired information, you can use newspapers, magazines, the Internet, digital TV or even TV via the Internet. At present, TV channels from many countries can already be received via the Internet (see, for example, ). The Nieuwe Unie recently conducted two proceedings against tenants who had installed a satellite dish (without permission). These procedures resulted in the dishes being removed and the tenants having to pay the legal costs. Read here the answers to the most frequently asked questions about satellite dishes.

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