Cobham  is supplier of automatic satellite systems for boats, yachts and international ships. For a worldwide internet and / or satellite tv reception.

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Features VIASAT VSAT KA-band connection

  • Monthly fee: on request
  • Minimum duration: 12 months
  • Peak speed > 100mb, typical speeds up to 25 to 50 Mbps. Monthly data cap in Europe is 75 GB, extension with extra GB’s is possible (on request)
  • VSAT Quiet Time – per month (up to 6 months, out of 12 months). Minimum duration is 1 month. Monthly fee is on request.

Optional extension – 4G / LTE set

Do you want the best (satellite) internet experience on board of your (mega)yacht / ship? Then our 4G / LTE extension set is the right solution. This set, based on amongst others a router and 4 Access Points (AP’s), allow you to switch between your satellite VSAT internet connection and the available 4G / LTE internet connection (i.e. for instance based on your own SIM card of your local provider). For instance when your in the harbour or when your ship is anchored within +/- 20 offshore.

In this way you’re always assured of the most efficient and beneficial internet connection.

The set exists of the folowing parts, for distribution of the internet signal to 4 cabins (or other locations on board of your yacht or ship):

  • Peplink 4G / LTE router (Europe/International GSM)
  • Peplink Switch PoE enabled Gigabit (8 ports) and SFP+ (2 ports)
  •  one antenna is used for download and one for upload.
  • 2 pcs of 10 meter LTE antenna cable for connecting the antennas to the Pepwave router
  • 4 pcs AP One Rugged; the AP’s can be connected with an ethernet / UTP cable to the router for the best (wireless) internet experience in the cabins where the AP is mounted