Cai installations and malfunctions

Wat is Cai ?

Central Antenna Devices for cable television (Ziggo, Upc, Caiway) that offer television via the cable network. Not all homes or businesses have a CAI connection or CAI installations. In that case, the resident would have to have new cable installed. In most cases this is very expensive, so they opt for digital or satellite reception.

Bad image!

In most cases, if the TV has a poor or refractive image, it means that there is too little signal coming in or sometimes too much. It is therefore very important that you measure the Cai signal properly and not immediately connect an amplifier. We recommend that you first check your Cai connectors and cables carefully.

what can we do for you?

We can install a Cai installation for you or resolve malfunctions at your home, workspace, office, hotel or fitness rooms. We have years of experience in laying coaxial cables, creating Cai networks and distribution points from one to hundreds of TVs. We measure all cables accurately so that every TV has sufficient signal reception. Cai installations must be accurately calculated and drawn out for optimal reception on your digital TV or decoder. For our Cai installations we only use cable quality brands, including Hirschman, Teleste.

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CAI installations and malfunctions

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