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Do you want safe and reliable internet on your boat? Then a VSAT is the solution! With a VSAT system you always have a stable internet connection, wherever you are at sea. This is not only useful for private use, but also for business purposes. This way you can always stay in touch with home or work, and you don’t have to compromise on your productivity during long trips at sea. Choose a VSAT system and enjoy the benefits! VSAT technology is an increasingly popular way to stay online while boating. With the speed and reliability of this system, you never have to worry about slow or unreliable Wi-Fi connections on the water again. Not only can this help make the journey more enjoyable, but it can also be essential for navigation and communication in emergencies. If you want safe, reliable and fast internet on your boat, then VSAT is the perfect solution for you. Check out the available options today!


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VSAT Installaties en Ondersteuning

Onze in-house Intellian en Kvh-gecertificeerde engineers voeren wereldwijd VSAT-installaties, inbedrijfstelling en netwerkconfiguraties uit voor onze groeiende portfolio van jachten en cruiseschepen. Satcenter-engineers zijn beschikbaar om ondersteuning te bieden en gezondheidscontroles uit te voeren op uw hardware en services via geplande on-board bezoeken of op afstand. Wij kunnen een scala aan Satcom-hardware leveren, waaronder VSAT-antennes, FleetBroadband en Iridium-hardwaresets.

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