Overview of supplies

  • A receiver/receiver/decoder with accompanying remote control The decoder or satellite receiver is necessary to make the digital signals readable for your TV set. There are many different satellite receivers on the market with varying capabilities. To guarantee reception of Canaldigitaal, it is extremely important to purchase a receiver or set-top box that has been approved by Canaldigitaal.
  • A smart card The smart card controls the rights for Canaldigitaal’s channel package. The smart card ensures that you can watch the channels without encryption. In Canaldigitaal’s complete dish sets, the smart card is supplied with the receiver. These smart cards are also available separately in stores. A Canaldigitaal smart card must be registered at a Dutch address and paid for with a Dutch account number.
  • Dish placement There are some preconditions when installing a dish. For example, you must have permission from your residents’ association or architect if you own a home and the contract stipulates that drilling or hanging objects in your house is prohibited. In addition, a dish cannot be placed in a place where there is no sunlight. A dish must always be facing south in order to make good contact with the satellite.
  • Coaxial cable You need a coaxial cable for the connection between the satellite dish, LNB and the receiver. This cable must be able to withstand all weather conditions.
  • LNB The LNB is the receiving head that transmits the signals from the satellite to the receiver. This is mounted in front of the satellite dish.
  • A satellite dish You receive the signal from the satellite via a dish. Satellite dishes come in various designs. From mesh material to transparent plastic, from white to stylishly colored.

What do you need?

You need a receiver/decoder that you place near the television. This translates the digital satellite images into images that can be shown on your TV. After purchasing this hardware, you can immediately start watching television. However, you will only receive the free channels (Free to Air), television channels that send their signal unencrypted. There are no Dutch channels here. You need to take out a subscription for this. Fortunately, you do not have to arrange this separately for each channel. You can subscribe to packages via Canal Digitaal.

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