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Long Range Maritime Communication - Reliable LTE 4G/5G Connectivity for Seamless Offshore Communication


Ensure reliable and high-speed connectivity at sea with our Long Range Maritime Communication LTE 4G/5G solution. This advanced technology provides seamless internet access and communication, even far from the coastline.


Powered by LTE 4G/5G, this system delivers stable, high-speed connections essential for modern maritime operations. Ideal for commercial shipping, fishing, and yachting, it supports both voice and data services.

With robust, weather-resistant hardware and easy installation, our solution is perfect for any maritime environment. Stay connected and work efficiently with our Long Range Maritime Communication LTE 4G/5G technology.

Our Products

Business Data SIM for Vessels

Wavefield Pro offers very low data roaming rates:

  • Enterprise Account: Manage all your SIMs easily. Companies purchase credits for their account and distribute them across their SIMs.
  • Network Compatibility: Wavefield Business SIM/e-SIMs work with multiple networks in most countries. In the Netherlands, they operate on KPN and Vodafone networks.
  • Global Roaming: Available in 191 countries with no restrictions on usage type, device, or duration.
  • Network Support: Compatible with 2G/3G/4G/5G networks, and LTE-M networks in some countries. Suitable for all device types and networks.
  • Backup Internet: Ideal for backup internet connections.
  • Customizable Restrictions: Implement country/network, IMEI, and volume restrictions per SIM to further control roaming costs.
  • SMS Support: Send and receive SMS messages. Receiving SMS is free.
  • Free API: Available for the Wavefield Business product.

    Fleet Management with Wavefield LTE/4G-5G

    Imagine you own a fleet of ships, each requiring reliable and high-speed connectivity. With Wavefield’s LTE/4G-5G solution, managing your fleet’s communication becomes incredibly simple. Using an Enterprise Account, you can purchase credits for your company and distribute them across all your ships’ SIMs.

    This system ensures each vessel stays connected, no matter where it is. The centralized account management allows you to monitor and control data usage, implement restrictions, and ensure seamless communication across your entire fleet, all under one unified account. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces overall communication costs, making Wavefield the ideal choice for maritime connectivity.