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Installation Spijkenisse

Installation Spijkenisse 2 April 2016 All Projects,Private individuals Installation Spijkenisse A Visiosat with 4 x quarto LNB on the balcony. ACTIVITIES Install Visiosat Installing coaxial ...
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Scott Spirit

Scott Spirit   26 January 2016 All Projects,Businesses Scott Spirit Connecting satellite receivers and running coaxial cables ACTIVITIES   Installation of satellite receivers Lengthen and ...
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Woonstad Rotterdam

Woonstad Rotterdam   24 January 2016 All Projects,Businesses Woonstad Rotterdam Commissioned by the residential city of Rotterdam, we removed the dishes from the roof and ...
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Total S.A.

Total S.A. 23 January 2016 All Projects,Businesses From now on we also work on satellite installations offshore and on oil platforms! For more information about ...
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FIT FOR FREE   18 January 2016 All Projects,Businesses FIT FOR FREE ACTIVITIES   Installing coaxial cables Connecting satellite receivers Patch cabinet installation Delivery successfully ...
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Knutsen Shipping

Knutsen Shipping 18 January 2016 All Projects,Businesses Knutsen Shipping Connecting satellite receivers to a shipping boat. ACTIVITIES Installation of satellite receivers Lengthen and distribute coax ...
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Starlink Maritime

The Installation Guide for Unlimited Internet Access at Sea

CAI installations and malfunctions

CAI Installations What is Cai? Central Antenna Installation

Maritime satellite services

Maritime satellite services Satellite communications is

APK for your satellite TV

APK Control for your satellite TV Go on

Camper and Caravans

Satellite TV for Camper & Caravans service and installation

Why Satcenter?

Why Satcenter. The company has been reliable for years

Digital television

Digital satellite television You have access to satellite

Installation and adjustment

Installation and adjustment of your dish